Process Management

Manage Data, Monitor, and Control equipment with Blackfeather's automation solutions. Integrate at point of manufacture, retrofit or add onto existing controls. Don't just log data, protect your personnel and equipment.

Manufacturing & Refurbishment

Long lead times for delivery of equipment can be a major issue with larger manufacturers. Blackfeather regularly works together with end users, hydraulic companies and smaller manufacturers to produce the same equipment. Eliminate long lead times and ensure that the equipment that you receive is what you need and want. Call us today to discuss.

Proven Solutions

Looking for an Integrator who fully understands your equipment as well as your own people? That brings experience, insight, and passion to your products. At BlackFeather we know that poorly designed and executed controls can significantly affect utilization and your bottom line. We use proven control strategies in your equipment to provide you with the most stable platform from which to work. Even after the equipment is produced, we will work closely with the end user to supply a high level of aftermarket service.


Custom Instrumentation


Across our industry there is a diverse variety of equipment working. BlackFeather excels at designing superior industrial controls across this assorted group. We constantly work to streamline controls utilizing the most reliable and efficient components as well as incorporating the latest instrumentation techniques.  Whether you already know what you require or need assistance to configure control cabins and consoles, we are here to help.


Logging Controls


To be competitive today, service companies need to know not only that they can produce Job Data Reports, but also protect their capital assets at the same time. These assets can be worth millions of dollars and costly equipment repairs combined with lost revenues can have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line.


Oilfield Service Equipment


BlackFeather specialized in Oilfield Service Equipment and can help you with all of your Controls needs. We have vast experiene with most of the oilfield equipment being utilized today.



  • High Pressure Units
  • Data & Control Equipment
  • Support Equipment
  • Cement
  • Horsepower Units
  • Chemical Additive & Hydration
  • Nitrogen
  • Coil Tubing
  • Hot Oilers
  • Acidizing
  • Blenders