About Us

About Us

Welcome to BlackFeather Controls!

BlackFeather Controls Inc. is a leading producer of Instrumentation & Data Acquisition systems for oilfield equipment offering both traditional and modern controls packages. Our vast experience with a wide range of equipment provides us with valuable insight as to how to best deliver performance and reliability into controls.

Minimized downtime, personnel & equipment safety and optimal equipment performance are at the forefront of our thinking.Our strong and innovative staff continually works to meet and exceed our customer’s technical requirements while creating simple, rugged and dependable products.

Whether we are producing a ground-up solution, retrofitting an existing unit or developing automation, we take pride in our high standards and treat all equipment as though they were our own.


  • Data & Control Units
  • Blenders
  • Horsepower Units
  • Hot Oiling
  • Support Equipment

  • Acidizing
  • Coiled Tubing
  • Cement
  • High Pressure Uints
  • Nitrogen
  • Chemical Additive & Hydration Systems